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Specializing in outdoor products, luggage and camping furniture, Geedesign does not only provide design service but is capable of dealing with a wide range of product management and sourcing too. We have several direct connections to manufacturers in various Asian countries and are very familiar with the corresponding communication, development methods and quality control issues.

We continuously enlarge our worldwide database of raw material suppliers and are always up to date with the latest trends in terms of colors, materials and the habits of our target groups.

We are well aware of brand values and at the same time know about the price sensitiveness of mass merchandise products. Hence, we are capable to deal with a wide range of product strategies, be it high-end outdoor gear, bags made of fair traded canvas or low cost fashion items sold in discount stores. With us, you can be sure to always be one step ahead!

Design awards of international range proof our high quality work:


Currently I am running the business on my own. If you are interested in a challenging job, you're very welcome to join me!

  • Dipl. Des. (FH) Immanuel Gloeser

    graduated 2006 at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    Previous working experiences:
    2010-now: ergobag
    2009-2011: Westfield Outdoors, Zhejiang Hengfeng Top Leisure Co. Ltd. China
    2006-2009: Jack Wolfskin
    2005-2006: several projects for Pearl Creative, Germany

  • YOU!

    If you have graduated in product design and are interested in travel- and outdoor products, you are welcome to get in touch and join the team!


Office Address

Am Weilerweg 16
64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein


Let's Talk

+49 6257 999 31 86 (Office)
+49 177 783 21 70 (Cell)

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